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Marketing Strategies – Search Engine Optimization

Skyfarm 808 can help create custom marketing strategies for your business be found through web searches, because what good is a great product and even a decent website, when nobody can find you?

Every business is unique and therefore deserves the personal attention to discover what the best approach is for developing a long term solution in being found on the internet. There are local, regional, national and global approaches that can be employed to best serve your business needs.

We research the market and balance a marketing strategy based upon: What makes a product unique, finding what people are searching for and what the competition is doing.

The developed strategy is customized to your brand and goals that includes a flexible balance of: website optimization, key word targeting, local business directories, quality link optimization, meta tags, blogs, and other types of online marketing campaigns as appropriate.

We also execute a quarterly care and maintenance program with full reporting of analytics that serves as guidance for tweaking search parameters, promoting additional links, marketing text, blogging, and any local listing and directory adjustments.

There is a huge marketplace for SEO solutions out there and it’s important to find a business partner that understands the uniqueness and subtleties to your business and also studies the search trends to keep your SEO plan flexible to adjust to changes as they come.

Social Media

We develop a Social Media strategy based on your unique business brand and voice. If you don’t know exactly what that is yet, we can help you define your brand persona.

By performing a foundational audit that weighs existing efforts, audience behavior, competition, and trends, we are able to help create a strategy as a first key step in the process.

Goals can be defined based on what we learned from the audit results and apply specific, measurable and achievable results.

We can engage with and grow your audience with a flexible and proactive plan that meets your goals and budget considerations with thoughtful content and a consistent brand voice across all Social Media channels.

Featured Services:

• Optimize Channels
• Define Strategy
• Define Goals
• Grow Your Audience
• Create Content
• Manage Posts
• Monitor Activity
• Report Analytics
• Develop Ad Campaigns

We are here to help with all or any role of creating content, managing social media channels, running ad campaigns, optimizing channel profiles, and reporting tangible performance analytics to build upon. We are happy to further the conversation on meeting your business goals with social media that best suits your unique brand and budget.

Google Ad Campaigns

We can setup, manage and report on your online ad campaigns, including graphic designed re-marketing ads.

The first step is to run some market research to get a factual picture to develop a strategy. In consideration are your unique business qualities and brand, competition and what your audience is searching for. The messaging will be a consistent brand voice across all social channels, website, directory listings, and other print collateral.

We can target a location, geotargeting, to capture a specific audience or broaden the reach, depending on the business goals. A number of ads and targets are created per campaign and we monitor their progress and make adjustments on a monthly basis. This gives us the ability to remain competitive and effective in reaching your audience. The budget for the buy is on a per click basis and we use the initial research ad strategy to determine the best approach for getting the most return on your investment on your intended target audience.